You are the heart of our events.

Some of the moments we love the most happen when we first meet a new couple

We love the "get-to-know you" stage where we hear about your relationship and your proposal story for the first time.

We love learning how you chose your wedding date, why you adore your venue, and the details behind the first dance song you cannot wait to hear live.

It’s during these moments when you’re simply being yourself that we can start to envision how we can best piece your details together to create a wedding day you will love now and in 25 years.

Whether you’re sourcing all of the details for the first time or you’re finally taking your complete Pinterest wedding board off of private, we cannot wait to work with you.

Together, let’s decide whether you need “Just A Sip” of coordination or  “I’ll Have A Glass” of planning. Either way, we’re popping the champagne.

Here’s to you!


aka The 90 Day Deal

You’ve been planning your wedding day like a pro, and you’ve loved every moment of finding your own vendors.

You’ve sourced your details, curated the beauty, and now it’s time to ENJOY everything you’ve planned at your event as a GUEST rather than as a coordinator. So, leave the coordinating to us!

Piecing together the details is what we do, and logistics is the best part of what we offer. From never being upsold to ensuring everyone is where they need to be,  We’ll make sure there isn’t anything for you to worry about on your wedding day. We fully trust your creative vision and your choices, so allow me to be your logistician (planning partner…bestie…fairy godmother…life saver) while you’re sipping champagne in love.

We’ll start working together 90 days before your wedding day. This way, we both have plenty of time to get to know each other and be on the same page with your vendor team well before it’s time for you to walk down the aisle.

You’ll get all the perks of a Day-of Coordinator, plus a whole lot more.

Let’s break down what’s included!

There really isn’t much we won’t do for you. Cool, right?

Investment: Between $2,250-$2,500*

*Breakdown of the fee – approximately 25 hours of pre-wedding day coordination, 1 hour for the rehearsal and 12 hours of coordination on the wedding day.

We treat each of my weddings with the exact same service and quality…

No matter your wedding budget!


Partial Planning + The 90 Day Deal

Think of this package like a mimosa – a little planning (champagne) and a splash of coordination (juice) makes for a perfect wedding day (cocktail)!

Partial planning is wonderful if you’ve chosen some of your details but you would like a little guidance while planning the rest of your day.

Whether you’ve found your venue and you’re stuck on a florist or you discovered a caterer that you love but aren’t quite sure how to find a band to keep the party going, We’ll introduce you to our favorite professionals, explore color palettes and styles with you, and plan a celebration that’s beyond your expectations or imagination.

Once your wedding day arrives, We’ll hit the ground running to execute all of the plans with your team. Just like I mentioned in the Just a Sip package, our goal is for you to be a guest at your party.

This is the time to soak in every moment and detail on display as you spend time on the dance floor with your love, your family, and your friends.

Investment: Between $2,500-$3,000*

*Pricing is customized based on what each of our couples needs in terms of partial planning.


Ceremony Only Package:


Reception Only Package:



a.k.a. Newlywed Suite Set-up

The after-party for the couple is often forgotten about. So, give Klink the keys and let us take care of the romantic decor and make sure the champagne is ready and chilling in the newlywed suite!

We will duck inside your suite and make sure it’s ready and waiting for you to retreat and relax after spending a day surrounded by your favorite people. Now, it’s all about you! Imagine walking in and finding candles, rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries, pizza, and even In-n-Out burgers and fries (seriously, you will be starving at this point!).

It sounds divine, and believe me when I say it totally is! Let us customize a package that suits you!

Investment: Prices vary by design

*Pricing is for 2021 and 2022 weddings. Future weddings may be subject to a price increase.

Additional coordinators may be required for barn/farm weddings, vineyard weddings, private house weddings and/or large open space/non-traditional venues and weddings that require a lot of set up. Additional fees may apply.

**For liability reasons our Coordinators cannot serve food/drinks to guests, bus tables, hang any decorations that require a ladder or move anything that is heavy enough to require machinery**

Ready to get started?