All About Aisle Planner

Organization brings us joy, and we have a feeling it will make you feel happy too! That’s why while we’re working together we’ll introduce you to our favorite planning tool, Aisle Planner, so we can all be best friends together. Here’s more about what to expect with Aisle Planner:

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What is

Aisle Planner?

Think of Aisle Planner as your hub for all things wedding planning. Everything from inspiration and your guest list to budget facts and your timeline will have its own page within your Aisle Planner dashboard. The best part? The organization! The second-best part? You can access any of your details at any time, and we can too.


Wondering what we’ll be doing next? Curious if there’s anything you should be working on now? Check your checklists! We’ll create a master list, and then we’ll keep you posted on small steps you can take to stay on track along the way.


When are our meetings together? When are you meeting with other wedding professionals? All of the details, including times, locations, and attendees can be listed here.

Design Studio:

This is where we’ll get creative! Expect to find inspiration, color palettes, textures, and more here. It’s like Pinterest but without the clutter. You’ll only find your favorite things here!

Guest List Management:

Who are you inviting to your wedding? What is their address? Are they attending? Within this section, we’ll keep all the things about your guest list in one happy corner.

Seating Management:

Your guests will need to sit at tables at your wedding, and this is where we’ll make all of the organization for that happen! Prepare to drag and drop names into groups. It’s so quick and easy.

Vendor Management:

Who is on your team? Have you signed their contract? What did their contract say again? How much are you paying them? When do you need to pay them? You’ll answer all of those questions and more in one central spot.

Budget Management:

How much have you spent? What are you spending your budget on? We’ll keep a running tab here.


If we had to name an Aisle Planner MVP, it’s the Timeline section. In advance of your wedding day, we’ll create your wedding day timeline. This document will be shared with you and your partner, your wedding party, and your team of wedding professionals. It will include all of your wedding’s locations and the times when everything is happening. There’s no need for you or your crew to know every detail because our team will! Your timeline will hang here.


Think of this section as Love Notes from Us to You! We’ll include details from meetings we have attended together, items you’re providing for your wedding day, wedding planning tips, photography shot list, and more.

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