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Mission statement

To create an exceptional client experience that is organized and supportive, but also friendly and fun! We’ll be the life of the party while you be the guest of honor.

Vision Statement

To become a recognized leading wedding coordination team serving the Southern California area. To continue to create memories of a lifetime with each event exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Core Values?



Be genuine.

Be real.

Be yourself.

Own your uniqueness.

Embrace who you are, even if being Type-A feels “crazy”


Because love is the heart of what we do! We believe in inclusion, diversity, and equality for all.


…with a can-do, will-do attitude. We will serve others humbly, with kindness and in ways that honors them, ourselves and God.


…when the going gets tough. Maintain our composure with a “grace under fire approach” and handle it all with poise and confidence.


…in everyone. Good times are more fun with good people. Create energy that people want to be around like a comforting, old friend who welcomes us in with a smile and makes us feel at home.


Well for starters a day-of coordinator is a myth.

It’s true! They don’t exist! Why? Because your coordinator actually needs to start working with you well before the “day-of”. (I mean, we are good, but we aren’t mind-readers!) They are actually more of your Wedding Day Manager that you hire months before the big event!

A “Wedding Day Manager” is someone who you hire to help you with the wedding day logistics. They’re your go-to when you get worried about weather, a missed detail, or your drunk groomsmen. Think of this person as your personal assistant on the wedding day… the point person, the quarterback there to lift the stress and lead the team with confidence!

Cheers to that!

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Testimonials from some of our clients

Without a wedding coordinator, you (or a family member or friend) might end up being the contact person.

Oh, no, no, no...

You’re the one making sure everyone’s on time, answering vendor questions, and handling all of the day-of logistics. Managing all that can be very stressful and takes away from you enjoying your big day. Plus, you really do need someone with a specific skillset and experience level who can put out last-minute fires if need be.

Besides… this is the most exciting day of your life… you don’t want to miss it because you were working.

What does a coordinator do?

1. Offers wedding support & expertise.

Your coordinator is there as your planning bestie. They will be there to keep you motivated and provide guidance through the process.

They know what can go wrong, even when you don’t. They can troubleshoot problems on the spot (big or small) ~ from how to handle missing escort cards, to sewing up a blown out crotch in the groom’s pants.

2. Creates your VERY detailed timeline for the day.

Maybe you can throw together something that resembles a timeline, but creating an accurate, wedding-specific timeline is not something you should attempt on your own.

Coordinators have planned hundreds of weddings (Klink has done over 150+), they have a natural sense of how long certain components will take. And when the big day arrives, they will keep the wedding day on track. They will own and modify the schedule as needed. Wedding day timelines are their own special beast and should be left for pros.

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3. Attends your site visit at your venue.

Your coordinator will physically walk through the space with you and the venue manager and figure out how the order of events will flow. The coordinator makes sure to address specific questions and problem solve issues such as how to alleviate a long line at the bar during cocktail hour.

Is there a space for the band to take breaks? Where will the Grand Entrance take place? The coordinator may also ask that you invite your florist and/or rental company to discuss decor and set-up.

4. Ties up loose ends the last month of planning.

No matter how many months you planned, no matter how organized you think you are….that last month of planning is where all of the magic comes together, but not without some last minute tasks that need to be handled! Your coordinator will help you identify what is left and get them checked off the list!

5. Delivers all the details.

From setting up your welcome table and escort cards to lighting the candles on the tables…and everything in between. A wedding day is filled with so.many.details…the list is endless! Your coordinator will be the boots on the ground to get them done! 

They will flip your ceremony flowers, set up the desserts, make sure the highchairs are at the right location, stash your veil and grab your flats! Your coordinator is there to make sure every vendor, decoration and person is accounted for!

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6. Helps conduct the wedding rehearsal.

Coordinators make sure everyone is on the same page and knows where they need to be and when they need to be there. From the processional to the recessional, the coordinator lets the wedding party, family members and DJ know what is happening and the order it is happening in.

7. Manages the ceremony.

Wedding ceremony mistakes are super common—and the most cringe-worthy. Your coordinator will be there to direct your guests once they arrive, corral your wedding party, fix the groom’s crooked boutonniere, make sure your officiant has your vows, the best man has the rings and that you’re tucked away before guests arrive.

There are many moving parts that go into a successful wedding ceremony…having a wedding coordinator present will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

8. Leads your vendors.

Coordinators connect with vendors before the wedding to make sure everyone is clear on what to expect the day of. When the big day arrives, you coordinator takes your place as “person in charge” and become the point person for your vendor team.

They cue the DJ, they make sure your photographer is ready for each event, and they let catering know if photos are running behind…and your vendors WANT this. You photographer doesn’t want to be in charge of cueing you to walk down the aisle, your florist doesn’t want to figure out where the DJ should set-up and your banquet captain doesn’t want to find your Maid of Honor when it’s time for toasts. Your vendor teams is relieved when you have a coordinator to take the lead and call run the show!

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